reproducible evaluation and fault injection of large-scale distributed systems



Open Positions

Open Positions

Postdoc Position in Distributed Systems and Networks at INESC-ID (Lisbon)


You will be working on a three-year project funded by the National Science Foundation (FCT) The goal of the project is to address the reproducibility problems in the experimental evaluation of distributed systems and networks. Experiment reproducibility is a core tenet of the scientific method but unfortunately the increasing complexity of the systems we build, deploy and evaluate makes it difficult to reproduce - and understand - experimental results.

The focus of this position is to research, design and develop the methods, models and tools that enable: i) a better experimental evaluation process and ii) an experimenter to pinpoint, or induce, pathological scenarios in the system under study. This includes the performance and correctness aspects of large-scale systems and networks evaluation when subject to different conditions, workloads and fault patterns.

For more information please contact Professor Miguel Matos (miguel.marques.matos AT tecnico.ulisboa.pt).

We seek

We are looking for a researcher with an independent mind who is willing to work on the above topics and collaborate with a team of other researchers and students. As background, we seek candidates with practical experience in the “system’s side” of designing and building distributed systems and networks.

The candidate should be proficient in written and spoken English.

As a research outcome, we expect publications in top-tier venues and (prototype) tools.

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Deadline: November 28, 2018


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